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We offer several PATHWAYS for immigrating to Canada. We can make you aware of the programs while they are still growing to provide you with the best entry options.


Become an International student in one of the designated colleges or universities of Canada. A study permit is usually valid for the length of your study program but you can apply to extend your stay.


Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) - Find out if you are eligible to Immigrate to any province of Canada. Every province has it's own eligibility requirements under provincial nominee programs.


As of June 18th, 2019, Canadian families are allowed to hire foreign caregivers under two new pilots : Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker and have replaced previous programs - Caring for children and Caring for people with high medical needs.


Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is for employers who have a functioning valid business, are in shortage of labour and need to hire temporary foreign workers.


Permanent resident status means being physically present inside Canada for at least 730 days within a five-year period. To apply for citizenship, you must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days out of the last 5 years.


Most foreign nationals need a work permit to work in Canada. There are two types of work permits;- Employer-specific work permit and Open work permit. Find out with us for which type of work permit you qualify.


You may qualify to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner or dependent children to settle in Canada permanently under family/Spousal class category. Find out if you are eligible to sponsor.


Come and explore Canada. A visitor wants to come to Canada to work, study or visit. Every visitor, unless exempted, need a Temporary resident visa or Electronic Travel Authorization to enter and stay in Canada. You can stay for upto 6 months in Canada on a valid visitor visa.


If you are inadmissible to Canada, you won't be allowed to enter or stay in Canada unless you are issued a temporary resident permit. There are varied reasons for which you can be inadmissible. Overcoming these issues can be complex and we can help.


IAD hears four types of appeals:- Sponsorship appeal, Appeal from a removal order, Residency obligation appeal and Minister's appeal of an ID decision. Refusal Cases are looked at on a case-by-case basis as every case is unique.We provide our best expertise based on the kind of refusal.


Express entry allows skilled foreign workers priority processing under Federal Skilled Worker class, Federal Skilled Trades class, Canadian Experience class and some PNPs alligned with express entry system. Express entry profile is valid for 12 months, then must create a new one.


Business investors can invest in, or start business in Canada and contribute in the canadian economy. Risk-free investment is managed by the Government of Canada. Every province has different eligibility requirements for business entrepreneur programs.


With Parent/Grandparent “Supervisa”, eligible parents/grandparents can come and visit their family in Canada for upto two years without the need to renew their status. It ensures that they can stay with their children for longer durations in Canada.


Individuals who do not meet the requirements of IRPA or are inadmissible under IRPA cannot enter or stay in Canada.However, in some cases an inadmissible individual may be issued a TRP if he has valid reasons to enter Canada and if it is justified.


Refugee Class-Canada has provided safe haven for many refugees throughout the years. You can make a refugee claim in Canada if you have well-founded fear of persecution and meet other eligibility requirements. A Claimant should have compelling reasons to claim refugee status.

Dr. Gurinder Randhawa, RCIC

(B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D)

Commissioner for Oaths, Manitoba

canadian immigration consultant

Canadian Immigration Consultant

Growing Pathways Immigration is a Canadian immigration company owned and directed by Dr. Gurinder Randhawa, RCIC who is highly qualified, committed, reliable, dedicated and versatile personality with lots of experience in varied fields.

She has done Masters in Education and English and got her Doctorate degree in Education. She also did Diploma in Immigration Practitioner program and is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant to serve people as an authorized representative in immigration matters. She has served as a Permanent Professor in India for almost 6 years and then moved to Canada in 2010. Since, 2010- present, she has worked as a teacher in public high schools of Manitoba because of her passion of teaching teenagers.

She has always been a great educator, a strong pillar of support, a great mentor, friend and guide to her students in India and Canada.

She started her non-profit organization Shining Star Productions Manitoba in 2015 to promote talent, knowledge, skills of young Asian women, men and kids through very successful beauty pageants and kids talent shows. She always has the passion to fulfill the dreams of others and show them the immigration pathways and provide opportunities to make their dreams come true. In the continuity of the same passion and dedication towards her work, she started her own Immigration consultancy to unite people with their families in Canada, help people to move to Canada the beautiful blessed land of opportunities, through various possible pathways. She takes all the trouble to make her client’s dreams come true.

As Canada’s Immigration process is complex and there are more than 60 pathways that keep changing and growing, so Dr. Gurinder Randhawa looks into every minute detail, analyze it and provides her best expertise and advice on every immigration matter to make her clients take the right decision and provide best possible results.

Certified For All Immigration Needs

Immigration rules and regulations for entry into Canada are constantly changing. The path to take is not always clear or easy.
Growing Pathways Immigration knows what those changes are, when they happen and can help you find your way safely here.

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