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Study Permit: Eligibility and Application Process


What is Study Permit? 

A study permit is basically a document issued to foreign students so that they can study in Canada at designated learning institutions (DLI). If foreign students want to study in Canada, they must have a study permit along with all other documents.

Is a study permit a visa?

Most students have confused that maybe a study permit is a Canadian visa and they can travel on it. But NO!!! A study permit isn’t a visa and you can’t enter Canada through it. To travel to Canada, foreign students either need a visitor visa or eTA (electronic travel authorization), which is issued by IRCC if the study permit gets approved.

To study in Canada, you must:

  • Have a Letter of acceptance from a DLI
  • Have a valid academic English language test certificate
  • Pay your tuition fees
  • Have sufficient available funds to pay living expenses of yourself and family members, who might have come with you
  • Have no criminal record, should obey the laws, and have a police clearance certificate from any country where you have to reside for more than 6 months.
  • Be in good medical condition and must have a medical exam
  • Prove to an officer that as soon as your study permit will expire you will leave Canada

How to apply?

Usually, foreign nationals have to apply for study permits before they come to Canada. But you can also apply while you are in Canada or have arrived at the Canadian port. You just have to make sure which option is feasible for you. Students can either apply in the SDS stream or in a regular stream depending on their nationality and eligibility criteria of the stream.

You can either apply for the study permit online or by paper. But you have to make sure that you have all the required documents at the time of applying for the permit.

If you are confused about the document, eligibility, or how you can apply online, contact Growing Pathways Immigration. We will help you with getting LOA from the DLI of your choice and help in the application process for a study permit.

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