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Canadian Citizenship - Growing pathway Immigration

Canadian Citizenship

Who is a Canadian Citizen?

Sections 3 and 4 of Citizenship Act, describes who is a Canadian citizen and who is not. But someone is considered a Canadian citizen if:

  • They were born in Canada
  • Became citizen through naturalization process
  • If a person is born outside Canada but one of his parent was a Canadian Citizen
  • If a person is adopted outside Canada by Canadian parent on or after 1st of January 1947

Eligibility Criteria for Canadian Citizenship:

To apply for the Canadian Citizenship, one must:

  • Be a permanent resident
  • Must have lived in Canada for at least 3 years (1095 day) out of the 5 years
  • Have filed the taxes (if required)
  • Clear citizenship test
  • Prove English or French language skills
  • Citizenship Test/Interview

Before you can apply for the citizenship, you need to know that you have to complete several requirements and have to give a test. Due to COVID- 19, written tests have been cancelled by IRCC but now they are inviting applicants to give tests online or wait until in-person tests resume.

For tests, hearing and interviews, applicants have to wait for IRCC to contact you. And in case, you need to change the appointment date, contact the office that have sent you the invitation. Their contact information is mentioned on the letter sent by IRCC.

Canadian Citizenship Ceremony:

Once your application has been approved and you have become the Canadian Citizen, you can attend the Canada’s oath of Citizenship taking Ceremony. COVID-19 might have affected the in-person ceremony but can attend the virtual ceremony.

Dual Citizenship:

Most of the countries don’t accept dual citizenship, but in Canada nothing is like that. They accept dual citizenship and one don’t have to give up their previous citizenship.

If you are planning to apply for Canadian Citizenship and not sure about the requirements and documents, contact us today. We will help you with the details, application and documents.

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